Vocational training

Individual Talent Identifying Program (ITIP)

This is currently the highest training at the school. Previously in the former years, vocational training at Maria Magdalena Special School was done in two classes’ i.e. one class for girls and the other for boys. However since May (2010) the school introduced a new programme that consists of six (6) groups each with four (4) trainees. Instead of all the activities in the two classrooms (Vocational boys and vocational girls), there are six rooms or workshops where each group of Learners are introduced to basic skills for self reliance. There are several workshops/departments that offer different skills.

Through individual talent identifying program (ITIP), the learners go through a variety of skills to determine the skill best suited.

These workshop/departments are:

1: Jewellery and beadwork

In this department, the learners are taught how to make necklaces and earrings, bracelets small bags and other items using beads, seeds, wooden beads and other locally available materials.

2: Creative arts

In this department, learners are taught how to knit and weave mats, scarves, table covers using knitting thread, sisal and other locally available materials.

3: Wood and Metal workshop and Basic masonry

The learners produce learning and teaching materials for other schools and also other wooden items such as chairs, desks and tables. The learners also learn how to make ventilation and also other metal work

4: Tailoring and dressmaking

The learners are taught dressmaking skills and trained how to make bags, aprons e.t.c. it is in the institutions future plans to have the learners trained and registered for the trade test exams as the school is a registered trade test examination centre.

5: Home management

The learners are taught home economics and taught skills such cooking, baking and general home maintenance

6: Agriculture and horticulture

The learners are introduced in to farming. Each group is allocated a parcel of land where they are taught how to prepare farm, plant, taking care of the plants and harvesting.

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