Special School


To be a national centre of special education and training to learners with mental challenges


to provide special education and training to children and youth with handicapping conditions in order to make them useful and productive members of the society.


We adapt the mainstream curriculum to instill functional academic to our learners with mental challenges.
Mainly we teach basic academic skills, life skills, pre-vocational and vocational rehabilitation skills for future self reliance.
It is our dreams that the school will acquire sheltered workshops facilities that will give our learners work related training and employment in competitive job market and self employment.


The school is managed by a Board of Governors with the headteacher and the deputy headteacher managing day to day running of the institution.
Maria Magdalena has relied on various organizations towards financing its activities since inception.
The government of Kenya who provides grants, FPE (Free Primary Education) and the teaching staff.
Parents have always contributed boarding fees which is highly subsidized due to support from sponsors
The Catholic Church which provided the Land where the school is situated
OASA (German Benefactors) provides running cost
Donor agencies through the church and individual have contributed towards putting up various facilities in the school.


  • Lack of vacancies to accommodate more students due to insufficient infrastructure
  • Lack of vocational training workshops/facilities
  • Lack of clean water
  • Lack of transport means- the school has a school van which is quite small and old.
  • Inadequate training tool and equipment
  • Lack of marketing for our produce
  • Affirmative action bill
  • Capacity building for teachers
  • Lack of awareness (ignorance reigns in our mind)

School Action Plan

  • Construction of a dormitory for small boys.
  • Construction of more sheltered workshops.
  • Purchasing a school bus.
  • Construction of a meeting hall.
  • Construction of an autism class